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Phil Nash, Developer Advocate for C++ at SonarSource and also runs C++ on Sea and the C++ London user group

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auto latest = episode<84> {
.title = "The Curse of Backwards Compatibility", /*

This week we chat with Harald Achitz about a new ISO mirror in Sweden, the C++ community - in Sweden, and worldwide - and other topics (which may or may not include Cobol)

We explore the underbelly of getting involved with standards work - not just the C++ one, as well as community building, language evolution and static analysis.

.links = { "Svenska institutet för standarder (SIS)", /* Swedish Institute for Standards */ "StockholmCpp", /* Meetup page */ "gbgcpp - Gothenburg C++ Meetup", /* Meetup page */ "LinkCpp - Linköpings C++ User Group", /* Meetup page */ "Malmö C++ User Group", /* Meetup page */ "The C++ user groups of Sweden" /* User groups in Sweden and worldwide */ },
.tags = { "wg21", "Sweden" } };

Recorded: 7 February 2022
Released: 11 February 2022
1 hr 47 secs

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