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auto latest = episode<74> {
.title = "My Friends Call Me Bool", /*

This week we chat with a vector-of-bool (a.k.a. Colby Pike).

We talk about pseudonyms, modules, build systems and his standard layout proposal, Pitchfork. At the last minute we branch into TDD and what makes good design.

But what prompts Michael Caisse, in the chat, to respond, "because we are not monsters", and why does that cat say "test first"?

.links = { "The 'Dam Book'", /* John Lakos' long-awaited 'Large Scale C++ Volume 1' */ "Upcoming C++ virtual meetups, worldwide", /* On the Sweden C++ usergroups site */ "Pitchfork", "DDS" },
.tags = { "build systems", "file layout", "modules" } };

With: Colby Pike
Recorded: 7 May 2020
Released: 21 June 2020
1 hr 4 mins 17 secs

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