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This week we chat with David Sankel and Michael Park about their Pattern Matching proposal, as well as a language level variant. We look at how some judicious use of syntactic sugar can improve even the ugliest part of the sausage.

Pattern Matching (as well as the language version of Variant) are progressing well through the committee - potentially on track for C++23. We discuss how, when these land, they are going to impact every single developer - allowing us to inspect and handle values in a far more declarative way,

We also talk a bit about CppCon, which was upcoming as we recorded, but already in the past as we release this episode.

.links = { "Pattern Matching proposal", /* p1371 */ "Language Variant Proposal", /* p0095 */ "Michael's Pattern Matching talk at CppCon", "Michael's Pattern Matching talk at C++ Now", "Michael's Pattern Matching library", /* MPark.Patterns is an experimental pattern matching library for C++17. */ "An earlier attempt at a Pattern Matching library", /* by Yuriy Solodkyy, Gabriel Dos Reis, Bjarne Stroustrup */ "Patricia Aas' NDC TechTown KeyNote", /* Elections: Trust and Critical Infrastructure */ "CPPP videos", "More Productive C++ with TDD", /* Phil's blog post on TDD in C++ */ "ReSharper C++ 2019.2 release" /* Faster indexing, improved C++20 support, new code analysis checks, and better Unreal Engine support */ },
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Released: 28 September 2019
52 mins 40 secs

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