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This week we chat with Isabella (Izzy) Muerte about modules, build systems and more. We talk about xyr new job (which, at the time of recording, was with Netlify), and how that still involves working on build systems - but particularly CMake, where xe has found an intriguing special use for emoji!

We segue into a discussion about modules, which Izzy was definitely down on a couple of years ago, and what xe thinks of them now. To avoid spoilers don’t read the title!

.links = { "Izzy's (2017) rant on Modules", "'tag_invoke' - An Actually Good Way to Do Customization Points", /* Gašper Ažman's talk at C++ London */ "byteswap", /* P1272 - Byteswapping for fun&&nuf */ "retain_ptr", /* P0468 - An Intrusive Smart Pointer */ "Lambda Expressions on cppreference" /* constexpr: explicitly specifies that the function call operator is a constexpr function. When this specifier is not present, the function call operator will be constexpr anyway, if it happens to satisfy all constexpr function requirements (since C++17) */ },
.tags = { "modules", "build systems", "cmake" } };

Recorded: 30 June 2020
Released: 12 January 2021
1 hr 9 mins 47 secs

A YouTube stream archive of this recording is also available:

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