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In this episode we welcome back Tony and Klaus to talk about the SOLID principles, and how the relate (or not), to C++.

Klaus has been giving a talk on applying SOLID to C++. Tony is about to give a keynote at C++ Now on whether the principles are still relevant - and even Phil has recently given a talk on a similar topic!

.tags = { "SOLID", "design", "architecture", "Single responsibility", "Open-Closed", "Liskov Substitution", "Interface Segregation", "Dependency Inversion" } };

Recording: 2021-04-15T17:00Z (17:00 UTC on 15 April 2021)

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This week we welcome back Sean Baxter to talk to us about using C++ as an OpenGL/Vulkan shader compiler, taking advantage of C++'s superior general-purpose semantics and compile-time programming.

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Recorded: 17 November 2020

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