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More proposals! This time the main topic is p0847r1, "Deducing this", authored by our guests, Gašper and Ben, along with Barry Revzin and Sy Brand.

This proposal is a simple idea, that works by allowing you to make explicit something that has always been implicit in the language. Yet the consequences are many and far reaching - solving many little problems - and simplifying others.

Gašper also mentions another proposal of his, p1099r0, "Using Enum", which is another simple language change for added consistency, extra convenience and less verbosity - but otherwise narrower in scope.

.links = { "'Deducing This' proposal (p087r1)", "'Using Enum' proposal (p1099r0)", "CppCon (conference - tickets on sale)", "Meeting C++ (Call for Speakers)", "Pacific++ (Call for Speakers)", "C++ on Sea (Call for Speakers)" }, };

Recorded: 24 May 2018
Released: 1 June 2018
1 hr 44 secs

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