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After a break for vacations and the ISO meeting in Rapperswil, we're back with an episode on the new SG15 study group and, in particular, its focus on dependency managers and build systems.

All of our guests have been major contributors to different dependency managers and build systems and combine their ideas and experience in a series of debates and discussions that will get you thinking!

.links = { "JetBrains ISO C++ Rapperswil Trip Report", "Titus Winters about SG15 on a mailing list", "Titus' comments on Twitter (see whole thread)", "Conan", "build2", "C++ on Sea Call for Speakers", "CppCon Volunteer Grant Program" },
.tags = { "build systems" } };

Recorded: 17 June 2018
Released: 20 June 2018
1 hr 2 mins 20 secs

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