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This week our main topic is Simplicity and we're joined by Kate Gregory, who will be keynoting CppCon on the subject, and Jonathan Boccara, whose blog is often focused on pursuing simplicity, too.

We cover how to deal with complexity in legacy code, e.g. a report function containing thousands of lines of switch statement (and a 27 step process to add a new report), what simple code looks like to begin with, techniques that help - including functional programming and TDD, and some of the limitations of all these approaches.

.links = { "Jonathan's Blog, Fluent{C++}", "Kate's ACCU talk on Simplicity", "One of Phil's talk's on Simplicity", "One of Phil's talks on Functional Programming", "Pacific++", "C++ on Sea, Call for Speakers", "CppCon", "Herb Sutter's trip report", "Michael Caisse on CppCast" }, };

Recorded: 7 July 2018
Released: 11 July 2018
1 hr 3 mins 36 secs

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