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This week we manage to align with the calendars of Kevlin Henney and Martin Hořeňovský to talk about testing and beyond - with a particular focus on Catch2 - past, present and future.

We discuss how some of Kevlin's ideas influenced Catch originally, and how Martin later joined as a co-maintainer (who does most of the work).

.links = { "Kevlin's talk, 'Rethinking Unit Testing in C++'", "Phil's blog post about Kevlin's talk", "Catch2", "John Lakos' long-promised book, 'Large Scale C++, Vol I'", "Google Filament", "Clang Concepts", "C++ on Sea Early Bird tickets", "Win a free ticket to C++ on Sea" }, };

Recorded: 8 August 2018
Released: 17 August 2018
1 hr 3 mins 3 secs

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