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This week we welcome back Howard Hinnant and Arthur O'Dwyer to discuss Arthur's paper, P1144, "Trivially Relocatable".

We talk about what it is, what problems it solves, older papers covering the same ground, and even another in-flight paper (P1029) that it overlaps with. As one of the original authors of C++11's move semantics, Howard is on hand to flesh out the historical perspective.

.links = { "Arthur's blog post on P1144, 'Trivially Relocatable'", "N4034", /* 'Destructive Move', Pablo Halpern */ "N4158", /* more'Destructive Move', Pablo Halpern */ "P0023", /* 'Relocator', Denis Bider */ "P1029", /* 'Move-relocates', Niall Douglas */ "Facebook's Folly", "Win a free ticket to C++ on Sea (enter by 24th Aug)", "Pacific++ schedule announced", "Thomas Guest's post, 'Top Ten Percent' - The great partial sort shootout.", "Arthur's book, 'Mastering the C++17 STL'" }, };

Recorded: 16 August 2018
Released: 20 August 2018
1 hr 8 mins 4 secs

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