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This week we chat with Tristan Brindle, Oli Ddin and Tom Breza about C++ London Uni - a free course, based in London (and remotely), for learning C++.

We hear, not only what the course is about and how you can join, but some inside insights into the challenges - and rewards - of teaching C++ to beginners. We also talk about how this is useful even to experienced developers.

.links = { "C++ London Uni", "C++ London", "GoFundMe to replace Tristan's broken (teaching) laptop”", "C++ on Sea tickets (Early Bird now finished)”", "ToolTime at CppCon", "Phil's 'Accelerated TDD' class at CppCon" }, };

Recorded: 29 August 2018
Released: 17 September 2018
1 hr 6 mins 9 secs

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