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After a bit of a break in the lead up to CppCon, in this interview we chat with Herb Sutter - in front of a live audience at CppCon itself.

We chat a bit about the conference, how it has been "the best ever" (yet again), but also how it is the last one in that location (CppCon moves to Aurora, just north of Denver, Colorado, next year).

We then dig into Herb's Static(aly-typed, deterministic) Exceptions proposal - what it really means for everyone in the community - and how it fits into Herb's master plan of simplying the language, while doubling down on what C++ is strongest at: zero-cost abstractions, primarily through static-by-default approaches.

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Recorded: 28 September 2018
Released: 19 October 2018
44 mins 40 secs

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