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This week we welcome Hana Dusíková to the show and we chat about her compiler time regular expressions library, Protocol Buffers, std::embed and getting good compile and runtime performance when doing metaprogramming.

Unfortunately, due to an extended edit time, the volunteer and diversity ticket programmes for C++ on Sea, mentioned during the discussion, have already closed. The student programme is still open as this show is published.

.links = { "Regular Expressions Redefined in C++", /* CppCon 2017 lightning talk */ "Compile Time Regular Expressions", /* CppCon 2018 main program session */ "C++ on Sea student programme", /* Full access the two day conference, for students, for only £50 */ "Functional C++ for Fun and Profit" /* talk by Phil */ },
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Recorded: 14 December 2018
Released: 11 January 2019
52 mins 32 secs

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