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This week we talk to Adi Shavit and Michael Gopshtein about their new conference in Tel Aviv - Core C++. We also get thoroughly distracted by talking about modules - and whether there is a major toolability issue with them, as currently proposed.

.links = { "Core C++", "Core C++ - Eurovision Ticket Raffle", /* "We are delighted to announce that as part of the Eurovision diversity outreach, we shall be raffling one free Eurovision ticket!" */ "The Italian C++ Conference", "The ACCU conference", "Embo++", "C++ Now", "C++ on Sea", /* Now over, but videos coming online */ "C++ Modules Might Be Dead-on-Arrival", /* If you've been hoping for modules for as long as many have, you'll note that 'compilation speed' is missing from this list. Nevertheless, this is one of the biggest promises of modules. The possible speedup from modules is merely a consequence of the above design aspects. */ "What I Talk about When I Talk about Cross Platform Development" /* Adi's talk at C++ on Sea */ },
.tags = { "modules", "tel aviv", "core c++", "c++" } };

Released: 16 February 2019
1 hr 5 mins 6 secs

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