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This week we chat with Ivan Čukić about Functional Programming, despite him not wanting to be known as "The Functional Programming Guy", TMP and OO, and how he was taught C++ in high school.

How does Ivan balance writing books (in fact will he write another book?) and speaking at conferences internationally, while teaching full time at university?

.links = { "CppCon announcements", "ReSharper C++ 2019.1 release", /* Explore the dozens of significant performance improvements inside, as well as dedicated support for Unreal Engine 4, more flexible integration with Clang-Tidy, naming conventions, and the new Doctest unit testing framework. */ "Top Ten Reasons To Send Your Developers to CppCon (or any C++ Conference)", /* Sending software engineers to conferences is both a time and money expense, but conferences exists because they provide value to attendees and companies that send them. Some of the value may be obvious, some may not. Here is a list of the top business reasons to send your developers to CppCon or any other C++ conference */ "Book review of Functional Programming with C++ by Ivan Čukić", "Functional Programming in C++ (Manning)", /* Ivan's book */ "Functional Programming in C++ (Amazon)", "Ivan's dissertation", /* Functional and Imperative Reactive Programming Based on a Generalization of the Continuation Monad in the C++ Programming Language */ "What is ADL?", /* Arthur O'Dwyer's post on ADL (as lead-in to a post on Hidden Friends) */ "Qt Creator 4.9.0 released" },
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Released: 18 May 2019
58 mins 36 secs

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