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This week we chat with Pablo Santos, founder and chief engineer of Plastic SCM, and SemanticMerge.

Pablo talks to us about how the "full stack" version control system he created at Plastic SCM differentiates itself in the age of GitHub, how times have moved on for VCS systems (largely driven by GitHub), and how it might even be being used outside of software projects now.

We also chat about SemanticMerge, which can automatically - and accurately - merge far more cases than the traditional text-only merge tools, and what this means for coders.

.links = { "Plastic SCM", /* Plastic SCM is a version control to help teams focus on delivering work, one task at a time. */ "SemanticMerge", /* SemanticMerge turns impossible merges into automatic and a scary step into just another skill you master */ "gmaster", /* gmaster is a tool for developers who want Git superpowers */ ""Branched Code" - The Plastic SCM Blog", /* Thoughts on version control, software development, branching and merging from the Plastic dev team */ "Pablo on CppCast", "Herb Sutter on CppCast", /* The 200th episode! */ "NDC{ Tech Town }", /* C++ / Linux / Embedded / C / Security / Testing / Tools / Product Design */ "ACCU Autumn Conference in Belfast", "CLion 2019.2 EAP", /* Parameter Hints, Go to Address in Memory View, Code Assistance for ClangFormat Config Files, and More */ "ToolTime at CppCon 2019", /* Not open at time of writing, but may be by the time you read this */ "C++ Now 2019 wrap-up", /* Including best session winners - mostly Conor Hoekstra */ "Core C++ (Tel Aviv) - Trip Report" /* From the JetBrains team */ },
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Released: 14 June 2019
55 mins 6 secs

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