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This week we chat with Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente (a.k.a. JuanPe) about immutable data structures, value types and more - and definitely not functional programming!

How can data types be valuable if you can't change them? How can copying huge amounts of data be cheap? How can we go beyond Object-Oriented Programming - and get concurrency almost for free - all without making moral judgements about our code?

The answers to all this and more drop out of our chat with Juan Pedro.

.links = { "Immer", /* JuanPe's immutable data structures library */ "JuanPe's C++ on Sea talk", /* Postmodern immutable data structures */ "JuanPe's C++ on Sea talk info", "Catch2 v2.9.1", /* with Microbenchmarking support from */ "C++ Now 2019 videos", "Andrei Alexandrescu's Italian C++ keynote" /* "Allegro" Means Both Fast and Happy. Coincidence?" */ },
.tags = { "functional programming", "juanpe", "concurrency", "value types", "persistent data structures", "immutable data structures", "c++" } };

Released: 9 July 2019
1 hr 2 mins 24 secs

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