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This week we chat with Guy Davidson about linear algebra coming to C++, other mathsy stuff, audio, games dev and C++ training evenings. We barely even mention 2D graphics once!

Did you know that Guy has written four linear algebra libraries in C++ since 1990? He's in a good position to be involved with the standardisation effort. But how do you bring something that Fortran excels at to modern standard C++ without it just being the C++ification of Fortran? Listen to find out.

.links = { "Guy (and Bob Steagall's) Linear Algebra WG21 proposal", "Guy's Linear Algebra talk at C++ on Sea", "std::audio proposal", "One of Timur Doumler's talks on std::audio", /* From this year's C++ Now */ "Core C++ videos", "Italian C++ Conference videos", "ACCU Belfast Conference", /* In November - sandwiched between the Belfast ISO meeting and Meeting C++ (link may be time sensitive) */ "Meeting C++ 2019", "CppCon 2019", "CLion 2019.2" /* Click "take a short tour" for a video by Phil */ },
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Released: 1 August 2019
1 hr 3 mins 32 secs

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