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The first of our two, live, CppCon 2019 episodes - this time we sit with Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter to introspect about introspection and take exception to exceptions.

We also talk about the "Engage, Entertain, Educate: Technical Speaking that Works" class that Andrei was involved with, again, at CppCon 2019.

But Andrei describes himself as a "free radical" and "too much plutonium" and claims he needs Herb as "a bit of graphite" to keep him in check. Listen to find out what the debate is about!

.links = { "Herb's CppCon 2019 keynote", /* De-fragmenting C++: Making Exceptions and RTTI More Affordable and Usable */ "Andrei's CppCon 2019 keynote" /* Speed Is Found In The Minds of People */ },
.tags = { "herb sutter", "andrei alexandrescu", "exceptions", "reflection" } };

Recorded: 29 September 2019
Released: 12 October 2019
40 mins 37 secs

A YouTube stream archive of this recording is also available:

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