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This week we chat with Clare Macrae about Approval Testing, testing in general, the challenges (and some solutions to) testing legacy code - as well as highly visual environments like Qt GUIs or image processing apps.

Working with an existing codebase that doesn't have tests can be scary and time consuming. But getting it under test is challenging, too. Clare explains how Approval Testing helps here, and how it all works.

We also talk about how she has quickly become a sought after speaker, with some tips for first time speakers, and some more general ideas from Agile and Continuous Delivery circles.

.links = { "C++ Approval Testing", "Approval Tests in general", "Clare's Approval Testing talk at C++ on Sea", "Clare's Meeting C++ talk: 'Quickly Testing Qt Desktop Applications'", /* video not yet available at time of writing */ "Clare's Approval Testing talk at CppCon", /* An evolution of the C++ on Sea talk */ "Approval Tests example code", /* for Reddit question */ "Clare’s new consulting venture" },
.tags = { "C++", "Testing", "Approval Tests", "Legacy Code", "Continuous Delivery" } };

Recorded: 8 October 2019
Released: 21 November 2019
58 mins 56 secs

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