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This week we chat with Vittorio Romeo about the pros and cons of backwards compatibility in C++, and his proposal to get the best of both worlds: Epochs.

As well as language compatibility, we also discuss ABI compatibility - why breaking these things is such a problem, but how not breaking them is increasingly becoming a problem.

We also, finally, get an answer to the age of question of, "how many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?"

.links = { "Vittorio's CppCon talk on epochs", "p1881 - The Epochs Proposal", /* Epochs: a backward-compatible language evolution mechanism */ "p1863 - ABI Break", /* Titus Winters' paper on the ABI compatibility issue */ "SPECS" /* A Modest Proposal: C++ Resyntaxed */ },
.tags = { "C++", "C++23", "Epochs", "Rust" } };

Recorded: 29 October 2019
Released: 19 December 2019
57 mins 50 secs

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