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This week we chat with Bryce Adelstein Lelbach about how the ISO C++ WG21 committee is evolving - and his roles within it (and beyond) are evolving, too.

We also look at the cross-over and interaction with the C standard, and even other languages. Is C really the Latin of programming languages? What is the relationship between the languages and the committees at this point? And why did so many committee members agree to a plan that contains items they may not be interested in?

And what happened to the Varna meeting, anyway?

.links = { "D2145R1 Evolving C++ Remotely", /* Due to the ongoing global health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, the ISO C++ Committee’s planned June 2020 meeting in Varna, Bulgaria was called off. During this uncertain time, our priority must be the safety and well-being of the committee and the public at large */ "C++ Events Affected By Coronavirus", /* I think it will be helpful to everyone to collect information about C++ events that have been or may be affected by the coronavirus */ "To boldly suggest an overall plan for C++23", /* Various people have lamented our lack of direction, and that we don't have a plan for the next standard (or beyond). Since I haven't heard anyone promising to propose such a plan, here goes */ "PL22 - Programming Languages" /* The PL22 Technical committee is concerned with any ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 issue which does not fall within the domain of a single U.S. Task Group */ },
.tags = { "WG21", "LEWG", "LEWGI", "PL22" } };

Recorded: 31 March 2020
Released: 17 April 2020
1 hr 8 mins 7 secs

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