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This week we chat with a panel of C++ trainers from around the world (but mostly from Germany, for some reason) - Nicolai Josuttis, Jason Turner, Rainer Grimm, Klaus Iglberger and Mateusz Pusz.

We talk about how bringing in a good trainer will keep your costs down, whether online training works or not, and why C++ is different to most other languages when it comes to training.

One of our guests reveals that he has had, and has recovered from, COVID-19 - but who?

.links = { "CLion 2020.1 released", /* Dozens of Improvements Across the IDE, and Benefits for CUDA and Embedded Projects */ "CLion turns 5" /* This story starts in AppCode. Back in 2011, Max Shafirov, the current JetBrains CEO, announced the first steps toward C++ support in AppCode, our IDE for iOS/macOS development */ },
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Recorded: 15 April 2020
Released: 10 May 2020
1 hr 7 mins 22 secs

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