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This week we chat with a Conor Hoekstra, about dreaming in algorithms, being a programming language addict and writing beautiful code.

We look at what Conor is jealous of in other languages, why his competitive coding entry came dead last, and why he really likes sugar and dopamine. And is it really true that no-one is listening to Sean Parent?

Note that this episode was recorded over four months before editing, so the news items are a bit stale.

.links = { "C++ Events Affected By Coronavirus", "Worldwide C++ user group events on SwedenCpp", "Sean Parent - 'Compose This!'", "Conor's Leetcode entry", "Conor's first algorithms talk, 'Algorithm Intuition'", "Conor's follow-up algorthms talk, 'Better Algorithm Intuition'", "Conor's talk, 'Beautiful Python Refactoring'" },
.tags = { "algorithms", "beautiful code", "sean parent", "programming languages" } };

Recorded: 20 May 2020
Released: 8 October 2020
1 hr 5 mins 43 secs

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