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This week we chat with Tony Van Eerd about what comes after Post Modern C++, what the single most important principle for good code is, and what Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare have to do with all this.

The off-by-one jokes are regular, or at least semi-regular, but what proposals has Tony killed? And how can opening your mind to unexpected ways of thinking lead you to better code?

.links = { "C++17 in Tony Tables", "C++20 in Tony Tables", "Tony's CppCon lightning talk, 'The Songs of My People'", /* not the one referenced in the past */ "Post Modern C++ (at C++ Now 2017)", "Post Modern C++ (at CppCon 2017)", "Post Modern C++ (at C++ meetup Prague 2020)", "Dave Abrahams: how to design a good library" },
.tags = { "tony tables", "post-modern" } };

Recorded: 4 June 2020
Released: 12 November 2020
1 hr 10 mins 6 secs

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