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auto this_episode = episode<78> {
.title = "I'm a Bit Rusty", /*

This week we have a special panel made up of members of the C++ community, joined by members of the Rust community. We have a round table discussion of how the two languages relate, differ - and how entwined their fates may be.

We also learn why Rust doesn't have random numbers, but why it's lucky to have Burnt Sushi.

.links = { "The Rust Lang website", "Ferrous Systems", /* Rust training and consultancy */ "CppCast", /* The _other_ podcast, by C++ developers, for C++ developers */ "Garden", /* A plant oriented game, written in Rust */ "#include c++", /* a global, inclusive, and diverse community for developers interested in C++ */ "Burnt Sushi" /* Prolific Rust cargo author, Andrew Gallant, on github */ },
.tags = { "rust" } };

Recorded: 20 October 2020
Released: 13 April 2021
1 hr 9 mins 56 secs

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