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In this episode we welcome back Tony and Klaus to talk about the SOLID Principles, and how they relate (or not), to C++.

Tony is about to give a keynote at C++ Now about his take on the SOLID Principles. Klaus has been giving a talk on applying SOLID to C++ and even Phil has recently given a talk on a similar topic. Perhaps somebody should have mentioned this to Tony before!

Along the way we get plenty of SOLID advice, discover what the single responsibility is that Tony's objects have, what COLID is, who is going to argue against Liskov, and who is just there for the jokes.

The answer, of course, is: it depends.

.links = { "Tony's upcoming C++ Now Keynote, 'SOLID, Revisited'", "Phil's talk at ACCU 2021, err, also called 'SOLID, Revisited'", /* Subtitle: The State of the Matter */ "A SOLID talk from Klaus", /* 'Breaking Dependencies: The SOLID Principles' */ "Jon's talk, 'Object-Oriented Programming: Best Practices'", "The SOLID Principles (wikipedia)", "Kevlin Henney's talk, 'SOLID Deconstruction'", "Dan North's talk (slides), 'Why Every Element of SOLID Is Wrong!'", "Phil's talk, 'Seeking Simplicity'", "C++ Now", "C++ on Sea" },
.tags = { "SOLID", "design", "architecture", "Single responsibility", "Open-Closed", "Liskov Substitution", "Interface Segregation", "Dependency Inversion" } };

Recorded: 15 April 2021
Released: 20 April 2021
1 hr 11 mins 48 secs

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