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This episode is slightly different to the normal. Rather than being a pure session, it's a recording of an interview, conducted by KDAB, of a panel of C++ experts, including our own Jon Kalb - but also past guests Ivan Čukić and Jens Weller, as well as Matthias Kalle Dalheimer.

The interview is around the future of C++, but also takes a look at its past and present.

.links = { "C++, How it Got Here, Where it's Going", /* Write up of some of the topics discussed */ "The video version of the interview on KDAB's channel" },
.tags = { "KDAB" } };

With: Kdab
Recorded: 15 April 2021
Released: 18 June 2021
39 mins 23 secs

A YouTube stream archive of this recording is also available:

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