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This week, err... month, no, episode, we're joined by Anastasia Kazakova for a cross-over show with No Diagnostic Required - the other show that Phil co-hosts with Anastasia. We cover articles on static analysis, move semantics and expressive interfaces, three new std proposals, then chat about conferences, especially CppCon, which just finished for this year.

.links = { "No Diagnostic Required", "C++ tools evolution: static code analyzers", /* from the PVS Studio blog */ "Easy Way To Make Your Interface Expressive", "Moves in Returns", "P2445R0 - std::forward_like", "P2461R0 - Closure-Based Syntax for Contracts", "P2465R1 - Standard Library Modules std and std.compat", "CppCast episode with Bryce", /* he talks about the std and std.compat modules */ "Timur Doumler's CppCon trip report", "Meeting C++ 2021", "ADC (The Audio Developer Conference)", "C++ Russia", "CPPP" /* "usually" in Paris */ }, };

Recorded: 2 November 2021
Released: 9 November 2021
1 hr 13 mins 22 secs

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