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Odin Holmes has been programming bare metal embedded systems for 15+ years and as any honest nerd admits most of that time was spent debugging his stupid mistakes. With the advent of the 100x speed up of template metaprogramming provided by C++11 his current mission began: teach the compiler to find his stupid mistakes at compile time so he has more free time for even more template metaprogramming. Odin Holmes is the author of the library, a DSL which wraps bare metal special function register interactions allowing full static checking and a considerable efficiency gain over common practice. He is also active in building and refining the tools need for this task such as the brigand MPL library, a replacement candidate for boost.parameter and a better public API for boost.MSM-lite.

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episode<35> { "Volatile Is the Embedded Keyword", { "Michael Caisse", "Ben Craig", "Odin Holmes" }, 27 / July / 2018y };