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Patricia Aas has spoken at CppCon, ACCU, C++OnSea, CPPP, NDC Security, NDC TechTown, NDC Oslo and many other conferences on subjects ranging from Sandboxing in Chromium to Vulnerabilities in C++. Currently she is teaching C and Linux at the Kristiania College in Oslo as one of her more public assignments. She is also an admin in the #include organization and the organizer of the Oslo C++ User Group.

Patricia has a masters degree in Computer Science and 14 years professional experience as a programmer, most of that time programming in C++. During that time she has worked in codebases with a high focus on security: two browsers (Opera and Vivaldi) and embedded Cisco telepresence systems.

A year ago she co-founded TurtleSec which focuses on where programming meets security. They do consulting, training and public speaking in the Application Security domain.

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