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This week we're joined by Victor Zverovich as we chat about his string formatting library - which has just been adopted into C++20 - as well as the possibility of a corresponding input library, various smaller C++17 features, and whether it's possible to travel continuously from C++ event to C++ event.

We also announce the dates for C++ on Sea 2020, Phil's vision for CppCon's Lightning Talks, as he takes them over, whether we should be removing more from the standard, and look forward to seeing The Last Macro.

.links = { "Next release of fmt library", "Text Formatting", /* The std proposal, based on fmt, that made it into C++20 */ "Facebook's fork of Thrift", /* Serialisation library */ "GCC 9.2 released", /* with more C++20 support */ "17 Smaller but Handy C++17 Features", /* from Bartlomiej Filipek's blog */ "CppCon Lightning Talks", /* including the Lightning Challenge */ "CLion 2019.2 release", /* with embedded video by Phil */ "C++ on Sea - dates announced" /* (see subsequent news items for keynote speaker announcements) */ },
.tags = { "victor zverovich", "std::format", "fmt", "c++20", "c++" } };

Released: 30 August 2019
57 mins 12 secs

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