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This week, in a exclusive, we chat with Sean Baxter about Circle - the C++ compiler that he wrote. That’s a C++ compiler. That he wrote. Oh, and it does meta-programming in a way that we’re only dreaming of part of for C++23 or 26!

So what can it do, and what is it useful for? Why is Jon struggling to wrap his head around what Sean has achieved and can it really turn Twitter into code?

If you want to follow along screen shared segment, I've tried to embed screenshots in the podcast mp3 - or you can go to this point in the YouTube recording.

And finally, contrary to what Phil says during the show, there were not 130 lightning talks at CppCon. It was more like 70 - and we're not including a link to the ACCU CfP as it has now closed).

.links = { "Main site for Circle", "Circle repo", /* includes the examples discussed and many others */ "F# style Type Providers in Circle", /* Written the day after the show was recorded */ "C++ on Sea Call for Speakers" },
.tags = { "metafor", "meta", "c++30", "c++23", "c++20", "circle", "c++" } };

Recorded: 3 October 2019
Released: 6 November 2019
59 mins 33 secs

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