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This week we chat with JeanHeyd Meneide (A.K.A. ThePhD) about coming full circle on std::embed, as well as whether optional references should rebind or assign-through.

Packed with edge-of-the-seat stories of interesting proposals adventures through the standardisation process, as well as a decent amount of ranting.

.links = { "Going Full Circle on Embed in C++", /* JeanHeyd's post on std::embed and CircleLang */ "To Bind and Loose a Reference", /* JeanHeyd's post on rebind vs pass-through optional refs */ "All the C++30 Features - but Right Now", /* episode with Sean Baxter (Circle) */ "ABI - Now or Never", /* Titus Winters' first ABI paper */ "What is ABI, and What Should WG21 Do About It?", /* Follow-up ABI paper */ "Developer Ecosystem Survey 2020", /* from JetBrains */ "Meeting C++ Community Survey", "Talk at CPPP", /* CfP closes 29th February! */ "C++ on Sea : Announcing speakers for 2020", "C++ on Sea : Students programme" },
.tags = { "std::embed", "optionals", "optional ref", "circle" } };

Recorded: 6 February 2020
Released: 26 February 2020
58 mins 40 secs

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